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Elite Force PS2 review

Sep 24 2004  

news EF2 Gaming Event #3
posted by severe! (1117 hours)

BlackIce has sent news about the third EF2 gaming event:

This time the server will go up at the right time.;)
Wednesday 29th September 2004 :: 21:30 - 23:30 GMT, don't forget all you Irish, British and Portuguese players that we'll be on gmt+1 by then.
Server name: EF2 Gaming Event #3
Game type: Capture The Flag
Server IP:
Server port: 29253
Additional user-made maps will be as follows:
CTF_Gardens by James Nukem.
CTF_Stairways by [SSO]Trainee.
All information relating to this event, aswell as media from previous events can be found here.

Other details

Sep 26 2004  

news New Map "Amok Time" from Spacestation K7 released
posted by severe! (0647 hours)

FishDS9 has sent news of a new EF map:

"Amok Time" created by Chaos in association with SpaceStation K7 has been released to the EF community!

Relive the classic battle on Vulcan between Captain Kirk and his First Officer Spock.

This map also comes with Kirk and Spock bots that are exclusive to this map.

Head over to SpaceStation K7 and download the map and experience how hot Vulcan can really be!

Other details



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