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Jun 05 2007  

news Two New EF Maps
posted by severe! (1410 hours)

Gigon has made two new Elite Force maps:

Western Maze
Concrete Station

Other details

Apr 17 2007  

news New maps from Gigon in a mappak
posted by severe! (1218 hours)

New maps from Gigon in a mappak!

This time it's 3 maps design specially to torture bots.

Download it here

Other details

Mar 09 2007  

news New EF Holomatch map
posted by severe! (0602 hours)

Gigon has released a new map:

New EF holomatch map is available for your fragging pleasure!

It's call: 1v1_stonehenge perfect for duel and tourney match.

Download it now at here

Other details

Mar 05 2007  

news New EF Mod released: Virtual Dreadnought
posted by severe! (1136 hours)

Kirk1701 writes:

I've released Virtual Dreadnought, a TOS era single-player mod for Raven's Star Trek Voyager Elite Force. It allows the player to tour and explore fifteen decks of the Federation-class dreadnought USS Star League.

Like Raven's Virtual Voyager, Virtual Dreadnought is a fully interactive experience. All personnel aboard the Star League are scripted NPC's going about their duties aboard ship, and the player is cast in the role of a member of the ship's crew. The player can interact with ship's crew and systems, access library computer data banks, complete various objectives, and search for and collect secret items. Additionally, there are twelve simulations and combat missions that can be run from the ship's holodeck.

More info about the mod, and downloads, can be found at my Elite Farce site

Other details

Apr 10 2006  

news Starbase 11 Mod Update
posted by severe! (0231 hours)

Kirk1701 has sent news of an update:

I've released an update to my Starbase 11 single-player mod for EF. It includes three new maps, a couple of bug fixes, and various improvements. It can be downloaded from either of these two locations:

Download from Fileplanet

Download from SpaceStation K7

Other details

Mar 15 2006  

news Enterprise NX-01 Launchbay Mod released for EF1
posted by severe! (0816 hours)

FishDS9 from SpaceStation K7 reports news from the now defunct NX-01 mod:

This is probably the most unexpected release of the year. Almost a year after it's cancellation, HorckDude presents the latest and last release from the NX-01 mod: the launchbay.


We asked HorckDude 'Why release this part of the mod now?'

HorckDude: "Well, my job on the NX-01 mod was creating the launchbay, and that job was finished about 2 years ago, around the time the teaser was released. But for some reason it never got released, and when I found this map a few weeks ago I thought: hey, this needs barely any work to release so let's do it!

And here you're watching at the release of the launchbay of the Enterprise NX-01. It's more of a mini-mod than a map, because it includes modifications to the game on all levels. When the game starts you'll see the turbolift menu interface which was orginally designed to facilitate the tourmode. That never got released, so I decided to include the turbolift functionality in this release. I hope you will like it.

Also included is the entire crew of the NX-01, brilliantly skinned by toonloon, to make the map more lively.

If people want to continue the work the NX-01 modding team did they can. Because work is no longer being done on the mod we decided to make this release open-source, in other words: all editable files are included (the .map file and the editable script files). So if you want to create those other decks for the tourmode yourself you can. Just remember that it took us years to NOT release it.

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy this final release from the NX-01 mod.


Other details

Feb 23 2006  

news New EF2 map: HEXACTOR
posted by severe! (1410 hours)

Gigon has sent news of his new EF2 map:

My first EF2 maps is now avalable!
The name is HEXACTOR, it's a classic CTF map.
Here's a bit of the readme file:


- gametype: FFA Team CTF.
- modifier: instalkill, weaponscore, controlpoints,
actionhero, handicap, eliminatiom, specialties.
- Plasma arena.
- 13 ffa spawnpoints.
- 8 / team spawnpoints.
- Custom textures.
- Full bot support

You can download it now!

Here at

Other details

Feb 12 2006  

news Starbase 11 mod
posted by severe! (0118 hours)

Laz Rojas has sent news of his new Starbase 11 mod:

My Starbase 11 Mod for Elite Force single-player has been released and is available for download. For more info and download links, go to Elite Farce

You can also download it from SpaceStationK7

Other details


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