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This is a complete list of all the console commands available in Holomatch.

Commands Description
To enter these commands, press ~ button (left to keyboard button 1) and the command console comes up.
In Holomatch, you need to prefix commands with a slash (\). Eg: \map hm_noon
In single player, do not do this!
Commands are in bold and parameters are in italics
Game commands
These commands are mainly for Holomatch, but some works for Single Player as well.

Player Movement/Action

These commands are mostly useful for binding to key. Eg: /bind x +moveup for binding key x to jumping.
All +commands have respective -commands.

+moveup Jump
+movedown Crouch
+moveleft Side step left
+moveright Side step right
+attack Primary fire
+altattack Alternate
+forward Walk forward
+back Walk backward
+right Look right
+left Look left
+zoom Zoom in
+lookup Look up
+lookdown Look down
+mlook When toggled, mouse moevement is used for controlling the view
+use Use object
+speed Toggle Run/Walk
+strafe When toggled, +left/+right is side stepping
+analysis View Objectives
+info Displays scoreboard
+button2 Use invetory
+button3 Gesture/Taunt
centerview Center your view
weapon numChange your weapon to weapon num
weapprev Change your weapon to next one
weapnext Change your weapon to previous one

Client gameplay

messagemode Toggle chat mode (everyone)
messagemode2 Toggle chat mode (team)
messagemode4 Toggle chat mode (target)
messagemode3 Toggle chat mode (attack)
say messageSay to everyone
say_team messageSay to team
tell_target messageSay to target
tell_attacker messageSay to attacker
callvote commandCall a vote
Example: /callvote kick neelix
vote yes|noVote either yes or no to the cureent vote in progress.
cmd commandsSend a command to the server
Example: /cmd team red
setviewpos x y z yaw 
team teamChange team
Example: /team blue
class classChange class
follow player_name_or_idFollow a person when in spectator mode
Example: /follow janeway
kill Suicide
noclip Toggles between clip or no clip
notarget Toggles between target or no target
god Toggles god mode
give itemGives an item
Example: give all


map mapnameLoads a map
devmap mapnameSame as map with cheats on. (Used by developers to debug the map)
spmap mapnameLoad map in single player mode
spdevmap mapnameLoad map in single player mode with cheats
map_restart Restarts the current map
addbot botname level teamAdds a bot to the server
Example: /addbot janeway 5 red
svsay messageUse this to say if you are the server
kick player_name_or_idKick a player off the server
rcon commandsSend a remote command to the server.
killserver Shuts down the server
status Lists all the connected clients.

Connetion / Network

net_restart Restarts the Network system of holomatch
showip Show your computer's IPs
connect serverConnect to a server
disconnect Disconnect from current server
reconnect Reconnect to last connected server
localservers Scans for local servers
globalservers Scans for global servers
rserverinfo Lists remote server information
serverinfo Lists server information
ping serverPing a server
heartbeat Send heartbeat to server

Demo recording / Screenshot

demo demonamePlays the saved demo
record Starts game demo recording
stoprecord Stops game demo record
screenshot Takes a screenshot and puts it in the screenshot folder in your baseef folder
levelshot Like the screenshot command, except the shot is taken without your HUD and weapon seen. This is used by mappers to take shots that you see during loading map.
cinematic fileLoads a cinematic scene, like the intro in Q3A


snd_restart Restarts the sound system of holomatch. Used when you've change sound settings.
soundinfo Displays sound hardware info
soundlist Displays all the sound files
music musicfile [loopfile] 
midiinfo Displays info about MIDI


vid_restart Restarts the video system of holomatch. Used when you've change graphics settings.
gfxinfo Displays some information about your graphics hardware.
modelist Lists all display modes (screen resolutions)


bind key commandsBind a key to a command
unbind keyUnbind a key
unbindall Unbinds every key
bindlist Lists all the bound keys
toggle variableToggles a CVAR between 0 and 1
cmdlist Lists all commands
exec fileExecute a config file stored in baseEF
vstr variableExecutes a varibles string command
cvarlist Lists all the Console Variables
cvar_restart Reloads all the variable values from hmconfig
writeconfig filenameWrites all config in hmconfig.cfg to another file (specified by filename)
reset variableReset the variable to its default vlaue
set variable valueSet a console variable (CVAR)
sets variable valueSet a server information CVAR
seta variable valueSet a CVAR with archive flaged
setu variable valueSet a CVAR with userinfo flagged
toggleconsole Toggles (open/close) the console
condump filenameDump all current console output to baseEF/filename
clear Clears the console
echo messagePrint out a message to your console.
wait Pauses, useful for binding script commands.


clientinfo Displays some client info like model, name and color
dumpuser name_or_idDisplays like clientinfo, except used by server admin
systeminfo Displays some info
vminfo Displays info regarding what vm's are used
path Lists all the serarch paths (pk3s, baseEF, etc)
modellist Lists all the models
skinlist Lists all the skins
shaderlist Lists all the shaders
imagelist Lists all the images
sectorlist Lists sectors and entities
meminfo Display memory usage info
viewpos Displays your view location
configstrings Displays server/client configurations
fs_referencedList List the pk3 files referenced by the server
fs_openedList Lists opened pk3 files by the client


in_restart Restarts holomatch Input (Joysticks, pads) system
quit Quit/Closes the game
touchFile file 
dir directory [extension] 

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