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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled this FAQ to answer some common questions on the upcoming Elite Force 2

This section may contain minor spoilers to the EF2 story.

General Questions

Single Player Story/Gameplay Questions

Multiplayer Questions

General Questions

  • 1) When will Elite Force 2 be released?
    The release date is said to be June 24th.

  • 2) Who is making/publishing Elite Force 2?
    Ritual Entertainment is making it and Activision is publishing it.

  • 3) Why isn't Ravensoft developing Elite Force 2?
    Ravensoft is too busy working on other games (such as Quake 4) to develop Elite Force 2.

  • 4) What engine will Elite Force 2 run on?
    It will run on an Ritual's UberTools-powered Quake 3 Team Arena engine.

  • 5) Will a demo be released?
    A pre-release demo has been released! See downloads section

  • 6) Will there be a mac version and when?
    The mac version is currently in development and will be published by Aspyr. It is expected that it'll be released close to its PC counterpart.

  • 7) Will there be a Linux version?
    It is certainly possible to convert the game to Linux. But it is doubtful that Elite Force 2 will be converted as the original version didn't. However, there will be a Linux dedicated server available.

  • 8) Will there be a PlayStation 2 version?
    It is currently unknown if a PS2 version is in development. Though, it is highly likely that Elite Force 2 will be converted to PS2 (as the original Elite Force did).

Single Player Story/Gameplay Questions

  • 1) When will the story be set?
    The story will be mainly set after the voyager finale and Star Trek: Nemesis. The first mission is related to the voyager finale.

  • 2) Will you still play with the hazard team?
    The story will revolve around the hazard team serving on the Enterprise-E. Positions of Hazard Team member(s) that died in the original Elite Force will be replaced.

  • 3) Who will be voice acting?
    Prominent figures include Tim Russ (Commander Tuvok) and Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard). The original hazard team voice actors are expected to reprise their roles. Other Voyager and Enterprise-E crew may too. See features page for more info.

  • 4) Can you play as a female character?
    No. Unfortunately, Ritual developed the main character to specifically be male. With only a male lead, character development can go further (i.e. Munro-Telsia relationship), without having to consider for the other gender.

  • 5) How long will the game be?
    There will be 12 missions. Each mission has varying numbers of levels (from 1 to 7). It is said to be one and a half times bigger than the original Elite Force.

  • 6) What weapons will be available?
    You will get to use 13 weapons including familiars from the original Elite Force and some new ones too. Highlights are the Klingon Bat'Leth and the tricorder. See the features page for more info.

  • 7) What races will be in the game?
    You will encounter the normal alpha quandrant lot, but also 3 brand new races. See the features page for more info.

Multiplayer Questions

  • 1) What multiplayer modes are included?
    The game will include Free for all, Team Holomatch, Capture the Flag, Protect the Admiral, Warp Core breach and specialties. See the features page for more info.

  • 2) Will there be a assimilation mode
    No. Unfortunately, Ritual decided no to include that mode.

  • 3) Will there be a Class-based mode
    Yes, there will be specialties mode.

  • 4) How many players are allowed on one server?
    A theoretical maximum of 64 players can play in one map, although 32 may be a more realistic number.

Any new questions? Email Me and I'll do my best to answer them.

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