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Elite Force PS2 review

Elite Force Features

Here are the game features touted by Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force

Quake III Arena(TM) engine technology.

Starting with this base engine allows us to concentrate on improvements and extensions. We take full advantage of the dynamically tessellated curved surfaces, multiple stages of texturing, and custom texturing effects.

Multiplayer capability.

Multiplayer modes offer Free-for-All, Capture the Flag and Team play. Multiplayer via Holomatch allows you to switch between playing as a member of the Voyager crew or as an alien, including the Borg. Take on the role of a Voyager crew member or Hazard Team member in Holo-deathmatches.

New and unique alien environments, as well as known locales from the TV series.

From a Borg cube, to a Klingon Bird of Prey, and even a surprise or two. Then enjoy what Star Trek is all about, by exploring never-before-seen alien vessels.

Realistic 3-D exploration of a Starfleet vessel - Voyager.

An uncanny likeness of the interior rooms and hallways of the Starship Voyager, using authentic artwork and textures from Paramount's reference library. We have created a virtual Voyager.

Voice talent from the series' actors, portraying their character in the game.

Familiar voices adding to the realism and Voyager's world.

Level-of-Detail models.

Our in-game models use a high number of polygons when up close, but as they move away from you the models seamlessly change to lower polygon-count models. We mastered the technique, so you won't even notice there is a change of detail in the model. This means more enemies in the view at one time, creating the ultimate action experience!

The ICARUS scripting language, created solely for Elite Force.

The goal of the ICARUS scripting system is to meet and far exceed the amount of interactivity and control that recent games (such as Half-Life) have displayed. The system is flexible enough to interact and function in a dynamic environment. This means that players can affect the outcome of scripts as they are unfolding. If a script calls for a team member to be grabbed and carried away, it can fulfill that. However, if the player decides to shoot the attacker, the script can deal with that new event, and can allow the team member to get up and run back to your side. This has been lacking in recent games, where interaction was often limited to breaking the script. We're not interested in showing little scripted sequences behind locked doors, but to instead immerse the player in the script and allow them to change the outcome.

Powerful visual effects system.

Adding to the beauty of Quake III Arena(TM), Raven has implemented a powerful special effects system to enhance the action and visual splendor, reminiscent of classic Science Fiction movies.

Team-oriented missions, featuring a next-generation AI system.

Play the missions with intelligent Non Player Characters (NPCs), all with their own unique personalities.

Game play tailored to simulate the experiences of a Starfleet crewmember.

Take orders from Janeway and Tuvok. Go to sickbay and get healed by the Doctor. Help B'Elanna in Engineering and go on an away mission with Seven of Nine. Grab your gear, make your way into the Transporter room, and step on the pad to be beamed into action.

Superbly detailed characters, using realistic motion-captured animations.

Life like movements for characters we know and enjoy, with amazingly detailed likenesses, using the actual character photo-shoot reference pictures from Paramount.

Authentic Star Trek sound effects directly from Paramount's audio library.

If the detailed surroundings don't make you feel like you are in the Star Trek world, then the sounds to go with it definitely will.

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