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Frequently Asked Questions

This page is a collection of info on the Elite Force Expansion/Add-on!

This FAQ is based on the Mission Pack FAQ post made by Jonty.
Parts have been updated by me.

NOTE: This was a pre-release FAQ for the Expansion. Post-release info are now annotated with square brackets.

General Questions

Single player Questions

Multiplayer Questions

More Questions??

General Questions

  • 1) How will this official Elite Force add-on extend the original version of the game?
    The add-on pack will add a large variety of new features, both Single Player and Multiplayer focussed, in order to extend the original Elite Force game. For a full list of confirmed features, please view the following official press release: Press Release or you can visit the features list.

  • 2) Will the add-on features be available via a patch downloadable from the net?
    No. There will only be a patch to upgrade the retail version of Elite Force [EF] to the add-on pack's updated version of EF (1.2). Though, new skins from the expansion might be included. [New skins are included with the 1.2 patch. New modes can also be enabled with the patch, but not recommended.]

  • 3) Who will be developing the Elite Force add-on pack?
    Raven Software, creators of the original title, will be constructing the add-on pack themselves, with the final product being published via Activision.

  • 4) What is the add-on packs official title?
    It is currently planned to be called: Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force Expansion Pack.

  • 5) Will I require to the full, retail version of Elite Force in order to run the expansion pack?
    Almost definitely yes. As with virtually all expansion packs now, the original, stand alone product will almost certainly be needed in order to run the expansion pack.

  • 6) This add-on seams more holomatch based?
    Although the list of multiplayer features is extensive, there are several new and innovative single player additions two. Most notably the inclusion of two holo-novels, which act as small single player campaigns, as well as the inclusion of the highly anticipated Tour Mode.

  • 7) Will there be gibs and blood available in the add-on pack?
    Almost certainly not. This is Star Trek, and to maintain the Trek ethos, blood and gore is out. That's not to say there may be a miscellaneous console command available to rectify this.

  • 8) When will the expansion pack be commercially available to buy?
    The game should be available in May. It is already 90% completed and currently being Quality Assured by Raven and Activition. [Redundant; The expansion pack had already been released]

  • 9) Are any screenshots currently available?
    Screenshots can be found here

  • 10) Will the expansion pack be released with German an/or French language support?
    Almost certainly, yes. I believe Raven's Kenn Hokestra was recently commented saying that they were in the process of arranging support for the different languages. As you rightly say, these were present in the original game, and will almost certainly be present in the expansion pack too.

  • 11) Will there be an updated release of the Elite Force tools and game code to accommodate the new content for mod makers?
    A: [Courtesy of Kenn Hoekstra] Yes. We'll be releasing a new version of the tools along with the new source code. Right now we're planning on putting the tools on the CD and releasing them for download as well.

Single player Questions

  • 1) I see a heavy emphasis on multiplayer. What is the expected length of the two single player campaigns?
    [Courtesy of Raven's Mike Gummelt] It is hard to precisely measure the extent of the single player campaigns. Due to the free-roaming nature of tour mode, it can take as long as you want. The few holomissions you can run from the holodeck from within tour mode are not as long as the 4-6 level missions in EF.

  • 2) Sometime ago I heard that Raven planned on including a Tour Mode of Voyager, will this be included?
    Yes. For the first time ever, players will be able to explore an interactive 3D recreation of Voyager's interior in Tour Mode. Once aboard, players will have unrestricted access to 10 decks of the ship, including the bridge, officer quarters, holodecks, the transporter room, Hazard Team crew quarters, sickbay, astrometrics, the shuttle bay and engineering. Additionally, many of the ship's systems and all of the crew will be interactive. Players can perform complex tasks like initiating Voyager's self-destruct sequence or shutting down the warp core, along with finding secret items hidden objectives, and mini-games.

  • 3) Will the tour mode be broken up into smaller pieces like in the original single player game, or all one big level with working turbolifts, etc?
    The Tour Mode will undoubtedly be broken up into individual decks, accessible via turbolifts etc. By doing this, level loading times will be kept to a minimum. Naturally the gamer won't feel any physical gap between levels, just the fact that it will load going between decks.

  • 4) Will the Captain Proton Holo-Novel be in Black and White, as is the case in the TV series?
    From the on screenshot available, it appears that the Captain Proton holonovel will be available in black and white, thus maintaining authenticity. Whether or not this is obligatory, or whether colour a colour version is available, remains unclear at present. [It is only available in black and white]

Multiplayer Questions

  • 1) Will there be Bot Support for the new multiplayer modes?
    [Courtesy of Kenn Hoekstra] Bots will support the class-based game and can be used with other multiplayer game modifiers like disintegration and last team standing, but I don't believe they are sophisticated enough to understand the concepts behind assimilation.

  • 2) How do the turrets work in multiplayer? Are they manually operated, automatic etc?
    [Courtesy of Raven's Mike Gummelt] The turrets shall be fully automatic so far as targeting is concerned. However, the user can control them by activation / deactivation.

  • 3) Will any of the multiplayer maps make use of the terrain feature included in Quake III: Team Arena?
    [Courtesy of Raven's Mike Gummelt] I know at least one single player level which utilises 'advanced' terrain. Beyond that I honestly don't know, but it shall be supported for user-made maps at the very least.

  • 4) What kind of Multiplayer changes will there be?
    Amongst the 17 brand new maps, and 12 new models, several new and innovative modes of play will be introduced; namely: Assimilation (Federation VS Borg), Elimination (Last Man Standing), Action Hero (Similar to the Hulk mod for Q3A), Disintegration (Non-violent insta-gib 'mutator', available across multiplayer modes). Also included are plans for a Team Fortress style class-based option. For more details, please refer to this post: Multiplayer Capabilities Post or the Features List

  • 5) hat kind of classes can we expect in the new multiplayer option?
    Several, Team Fortress style, classes will be available, including; Infiltrator (Munro) - Scout like character, Medic (Jurot), Heavy Weapons Guy (Biessmen), Sniper (Telsia), Demolisionist (Chang), Technician (Chell). Other options now include turrets, breakable objects and objectives in multiplayer games. Please note, though references to Team Fortress are inevitable, the class based system in EF will be unique. Further, detailed information, is available here: Multiplayer Capabilities Post or the Features List

  • 6) In 'Disintegration' play, only alternative fire for the rifle is allowed?
    All players start with the compression rifle and every hit is a disintegration. This may be used in conjunction FFA, Team Holomatch, CTF and Elimination modes of play.

More Questions??

Don't take the following ones too seriously :)

  • 1) Will each expansion pack be shipped with MRJ brand, miniature whiskey samples?
    Activision are currently looking into this, though due to health concerns such an option seems unlikely.

  • 2) In response to Bledina's comments
    In response to Bledina's comments: I can only hypothesise about the size of the expansion pack, but I'd say into the 200-500 MB mark should be about average. Release wise, I believe it'll only be available to buy in retail stores or online. I highly doubt they'd distribute it as a download option; first because of the size, second because Activision simply don't offer such options on their present games. As for release dates, I'd expect a staggered release across the world. Last time, Germany (and the rest of Europe) received the original game before the US, which received it a week or so later. This is fairly unusual as games go, though ultimately, the decision will be left to Activision and their various marketing and publishing departments.

  • 3) In response to Species8472's comments
    In response to Species8472's comments: No weasels, no Seven of Nine dating contest, the 'sky' is black as you are in space, all warez and pirate versions of Elite Force will not operate with the add-on pack, only the retail version will, the price is to be confirmed, though it will almost certainly be competitively priced with other leading FPS expansion packs, the tour mode is seemingly single player only, though Voyager maps/decks may be ported to form multiplayer maps, no naked Seven of Nine models, no confirmed telepathy or ESP support will be provided our of the box, no 486 support, please check Elite Force's minimum recommended specifications for an approximate guide, no Counterstrike-esque mod shall be distributed with the product, 'cheats' and other single player options will undoubtedly be available throughout the web from various sources, even though frowned upon, though online cheats shall not exist, voice commands or comments is not currently planed.

  • 4) In response to RyoOhki's comments
    In response to RyoOhki's comments: There shall be no option to frag Neelix the next time he gets between Munro and Telsia and not get thrown in the Brig, toilets (or their Star Trek equivalent) may be included in the add-on, making passes at other crewmembers is not appropriate behaviour, as defined in the Prime Directive, stealing the EMH's Mobile Emitter is just plain cruel, the side plot of the tea party with Naomi Wildman is not currently planned, and working airlocks may be included is appropriate, though ejecting people into the infinite void of space is grounds to have your holodeck rations confiscated

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