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Elite Force Cheats

These cheats work for both Windows and Macintosh versions

Cheat Description
To enter these cheats, press ~ button (left to keyboard button 1) and the command console comes up.
In single player, type in: sv_cheats 1 to enable the cheats while playing the game.
In holomatch, type \devmap Your_HM_map to load up a map with cheats already enabled.
Remember: In holomatch, you need to prefix commands with a slash (\) like \god. In single player do not do this!
god Activates invincibility mode.
give item
eg: give all

Gives item item.
Replace item with items in the item list

notarget Makes you invisible/not-targetable to enemies
noclip No clipping - gives you ability to move thru walls and objects.
map mapname
eg: map borg1


This will load up a holomatch map mapname, where mapname is a holomatch map filename.
eg: map ctf_kln1

Single Player

Loads up level mapname where mapname with one of these levels:

  • BORG1 - The Rescue
  • BORG2 - Incursion
  • HOLODECK - Tactical Decision
  • VOY1 - Condition
  • VOY2 - Unavoidable Delays
  • VOY3 - Hazard Duty
  • VOY4 - Defense
  • VOY5 - Hazard Ops
  • STASIS1 - Data Retrieval
  • STASIS2 - Deep Echoes
  • STASIS3 - Encounters
  • VOY6 - Renewal
  • VOY7 - Union
  • VOY8 - Departure
  • SCAV1 - The Visit
  • SCAV2 - Dangerous Ground
  • SCAV3 - Conflicting Views
  • SCAV3b - Conflicting Views (Part 2)
  • SCAV4 - Disorder
  • SCAV5 - Infiltration
  • SCAVBOSS - The Hunter
  • VOY9 - Fallout
  • BORG3 - Proving Ground
  • BORG4 - Information
  • BORG5 - Covenant
  • BORG6 - Infestation
  • VOY13 - R and R
  • VOY14 - Visual Confirmation
  • VOY15 - Offense
  • DN1 - The Breach
  • DN2 - Command
  • DN3 - Primary Encounter
  • DN4 - The Skirmish
  • DN5 - Defensive Measures
  • TRAIN - Transit
  • DN6 - Attunement
  • DN8 - Array
  • VOY16 - Invasion
  • VOY17 - Decisions
  • FORGE1 - External Stimuli
  • FORGE2 - Matrix
  • FORGE3 - Onslaught
  • FORGE4 - Visual Magnitude
  • FORGE5 - Dissolution
  • FORGEBOSS - Command Decision
  • VOY20 - Epilogue

eg: map voy1

devmap mapname Will load up a map with cheats already enabled.
Replace mapname with a level or map (see above)
kill You suicide

Single player only cheats

Note: A NPC (Non Player Character) is a computer controlled character in single player.

undying gives you 999 health and 999 shields
npc spawn x
eg: npc spawn tuvok
Spawns a NPC named x
Replace x with the npcs in the NPCs List
npc kill x Kills a NPC named x


npc kill neelix - kills neelix
npc kill all - kills everyone in the level/map

playerteam x
eg: playerteam borg

Changes the your which side (team) are you on. You are normally on the starfleet team.
If you want to go and kill neelix (or any member of the crew) on voyager, you need to change this to a non-starfleet team, so you won't get a mission failed message saying you killed a innocent crew member.
Replace x with these playerteams:

  • borg
  • starfleet
  • scavengers
  • dreadnought
  • klingon
  • malon
  • hirogen
  • imperial
  • stasis
  • species8472
  • forge
detpack This command places a detpack or detonates the detpack if one was already placed.

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