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Elite Force PS2 review

New Features of the Expansion

Single Player Features

Tour Mode

The main difference in single player from the original version is the inclusion of the tour mode of voyager. It allows unrestricted access to 10 decks (out of 15 on the real USS Voyager) of the ship, including major areas such as:

  • Astrometrics
  • Bridge
  • Mess Hall
  • Engineering
  • Transporter Room
  • Holodecks
  • Shuttle bay
  • Cargo bay
  • Officer quarters.
  • Hazard operations


Many systems and all of the crew will be interactive and you can also perform complex actions and tasks on voyager such as:

  • Initiating a self destruct
  • Shutting down the warp core
  • Changing the alert status (Red alert, Yellow alert, etc) of the ship
  • Activate food replicators
  • Read ship logs and crews logs.
  • You can operate Astrometrics to study alien life forms and etc.
Along side touring voyager you can also find secret items and hidden objectives


You will have access to the holodeck while your are touring voyager. There is a new alien race to fight with in the holodeck. And also 4 programs are included:

  • The Holonovel - Captain Proton
    In this, you have to rescue Constance Goodheart
  • Assault on a Klingon warlord compound
  • Weapons training on the Hazard Team firing range
    Test your aim and accuracy in this firing range!
  • Garden relaxation program

Multiplayer Features

17 New Holomatch maps

Including map themes on Federation, Klingon, Borg, Scavenger, Wild West and Dreadnought.

11 New Models to choose from


  • Captain Proton
  • Dr Chaotica
  • Satan's Robot
  • Queen Arachnia
  • Buster (Captain Proton's sidekick)
  • Constance Goodheart
  • Captain Janeway as a borg (From the Voyager season premiere)
  • B'Elanna Torres as a borg (From the Voyager season premiere)
  • Lt. Tuvok as a borg (From the Voyager season premiere)
  • Boothby (The caretaker at Starfleet Academy)
  • Ferengi

New games modes / multiplayer options:

  • Assimilation - Federation vs. Borg. The Borg have a Borg projectile weapon, a taser weapon and can assimilate Federation members. They also have a short personal transporter ability and adaptive shields. The I-Mod can get through these shields. The object for the Borg is to Assimilate the entire Federation team, the object for the Federation team is to kill the Borg Queen.
  • Elimination - Basically, the last man standing wins. In Team Holomatch mode, the first team to be wiped out loses.
  • Action Hero (name tentative) - One player starts with all the weapons, the others don't. The person who kills the Action Hero respawns with all the weapons and is the new "Action Hero".
  • Disintegration - All players start with the compression rifle and every hit is a disintegration. This may be used in FFA, Team Holomatch, CTF and Elimination

Specialties / Classes

Each player chooses a class (like Team Fortress) from 6 available:

  • Infiltrator (Munro) - Fast, can jump high, has Phaser. Has emergency transporter device. Has no armor.
  • Medic (Jurot) - Starts with Phaser, Hypo and Medkit. Can heal with hypo or kill with hypo (alt-fire). Has decent armor and regeneration.
  • Heavy Weapons (Biessman) - Starts with Quantum Burst and Tetrion Disruptor. Is somewhat slower than other classes. Has full armor.
  • Sniper (Telsia) - Starts with I-Mod and Compression Rifle. Is the only one of the classes that can use zoom feature. Has holodecoy. Has weak armor.
  • Demolitionist (Chang) - Starts with Scavenger Rifle, Grenade Launcher and Detpack. Has half armor.
  • Technician (Chell) - Starts with Phaser, Arc Welder and Portable Force Field. Has Seeker as well. Can drop an ammo station and can make someone invisible by "using" them (only once per life). Has half armor.


You can now have turrets, breakable brushes and objectives in multiplayer games.

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