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Here are some tips while playing the single player missions:

  • Play through the tutorial level (available on the New Game menu). Itís a great chance to get hands-on experience and training in the safety of the Holodeck before you go out into the field.
  • Items that can be used or destroyed will often be highlighted with an outline and a text message.†Pay attention to these visual cues (and their colors) as well as your mission objectives to avoid confusion during the mission.
  • The Borg will attack if they perceive you to be a threat. If you fire at them, all Borg in the surrounding vicinity will activate to assimilate you. Also, the Borg possess a defensive capability that allows them to adapt to a weaponís energy frequency. You will only have a few shots before the Borg adapt, so use them wisely.† A Borg will glow green when adapted to a certain weapon blast.
  • Avoid targeting Hazard Team members and Voyager crewmen.† There are consequences for attacking fellow crewmembers. Check your fire.
  • Following orders is crucial to your duties as an officer. Obey orders given to you by superior officers or face disciplinary action. There is no honor in the Brig.
  • During a mission, seek out energy sources to replenish your armor and weapon energies. Scan around new areas thoroughly so that your TED can detect consoles that could give you energy.
  • When you return to Voyager after a mission, use the Holodeck to practice new weapons. You should become intimately familiar with any new weapons you acquire. While youíre in the Holodeck thereís no risk to your safety and plenty of opportunity to practice.
  • You should check your mission objectives frequently to see if your goals have been changed or if youíre unsure of what to do next. You can check your mission objectives at any time by pressing the TAB key.

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