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Server Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: 10 March 2003

Tip: if you are typing from a command console inside the holomatch game, you need to prefix the commands with a slash(\). If you are typing on the server console (the blue window), don't add the slash!.

Client Questions

Server Usage

Configuration Questions

Client Questions

  • 1) How can I call a vote to change map?
    Type in the console: callvote map map_name

  • 2) How can I call a vote to change the next map?
    Type in the console: callvote nextmap map_name

  • 3) How can I call a vote to kick a player?
    Type in the console: callvote kick playername_or_id
    You cannot vote kick players with a space in their name without using ids :(

  • 4) How can I vote when someone has called a vote?
    Just press F1 for voting yes or F2 for voting no.

Server Usage

  • 1) How can I kick someone?
    Type in the console: kick player_name_or_id
    Eg. kick neelix
    To find out a player's id, type status.

  • 2) How can I change the map?
    Type in the console: map mapname
    Eg. map ctf_geothermal.

  • 3) Do I need a good graphics card to setup a dedicated server?
    No, you don't. Setting up a dedicated server won't concern your graphics card.

  • 4) Can I run a dedicated server without a CD?

    Windows Dedicated
    Yes, but only if you disable bots. Add this to your server config, before the map cycle:
    set bot_enable 0

    Linux Dedicated
    You don't need a CD to run the Linux Dedicated.

  • 5) Is there a way to set up an dedicated server and still be able to play on it on the same computer?
    Yes, just open your dedicated server. And then open holomatch again to play on it. Though, the game may become laggy for other players.

  • 6) How do I use the Remote console?
    First, set the rconpassword some_password in your server config file.
    Second, type /rconpassword yourrconpassword in the console of your playing computer.
    Then you can use /rcon any command
    Eg: /rcon kick neelix
    /rcon map ctf_spyglass

  • 7) What are hitch warning messages I see in my dedicated server?
    "Hitch warning: somenumber msec frame time" generally means your server machine itself is lagging (not the connection) - and therefore lagging for the players. It is because for some reason, your server cannot process the event loop of the dedicated server fast enough. It may be because it's loading bots, or there is another program running that is using up your resources.
    It may even be a sign that you need a better computer to run the dedicated server on, or the running map is too complex for your server to handle.
    These hitch warning only appears if the hitch is greater than 500 msec.

Configuration Questions

  • 1) How do I stop high or low ping players from connecting?

    High ping
    Sick of dialup users lagging? Then set sv_maxping 400 in your server config to stop players with a ping higher than 400 from joining your server.

    Low ping
    Sick of cablers leeching all the bandwidth? Then set sv_minping 100 in your server config to stop players with a ping lower than 100 from joining your server.

  • 2) Can I have a minimum amount of bots in the game and have them kicked when real players join?
    Yes, just add this line to your server config: bot_minPlayers 4 (Replace 4 with the number you want).

  • 3) How can I create a map cycle?
    See Configuring your server

  • 4) How do I setup a password for my server?
    Add g_password mygamepassword in your config to set a password.

  • 5) How can join people my password protected server?
    They need to enter into the console /g_password mygamepassword

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