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Server guide contents:

Setting up a basic server
Setting up a dedicated server
Server FAQ

Setting a basic server

Setting Up a server on Elite Force is a pretty straight forward thing. This is a step to step guide for hosting a server for a game with your friends.

Open Holomatch, and click Multimatch at the main screen.
Click Create a server.
Select the map you want to host and the game type you want to play (Free For All, Team Holomatch, Capture the flag, etc). Note that as you change the game type, map choices change as well. When you are done, click continue to proceed.

You are now at the configuration screen.

Descriptions of Menu options

Click on an option in this image to view its descriptions.

Please click on an option above...

When you are done...

Click Engage to start loading the server.

When your game finishes loading, your game is ready to be joined by other players.

Note that everytime you load a map, other players have to wait till you finish loading the map, for them to start loading their map. With dedicated servers, this won't happen.

If you are running a LAN game, players can search for the server by clicking "search for servers" in the multimatch menu. Make sure servers option is set on "LOCAL".
Players can alternatively connect to you by specifying your IP address. This screen is reached via specify server button on the multimatch menu. People connecting from the internet to your basic server will need to use this option.

Dedicated Server

Alternatively, you can set up a dedicated server. A dedicated server is a server, dedicated to hosting a game. If you want to let people on the internet to join your server, you need to make it a dedicated server.
You will not be able to play when your server is dedicated.


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