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Elite Force PS2 review

Aug 03 2003  

news Complete Elite Force II Walkthrough
posted by severe! (0622 hours)

Ulf Norlinger has submitted a complete Elite Force 2 walkthrough a few weeks ago and I have finally posted it up.

Although it doesn't contain screenshots, it is very thorough and clear enough to get you unstuck.

Read the walkthrough

Many thanks to Ulf Norlinger!

Other details

Aug 10 2003  

news Elite Force League - Back in action
posted by severe! (0310 hours)

I have received news that the Elite Force League is re-opening, for both Elite Force 1 and 2. So get your clan together and sign up!

Full story

Aug 13 2003  

news Ritual's UberTools near release
posted by severe! (1554 hours)

According to Ritualistic, the UberTools (mod making toolkit of Elite Force 2) is near completion, as Jared "BirdDawg" Hefty of Ritual posts an update on the forum:

We've submitted the GDK to Activision for legal approval, and are awaiting their feedback so we can fix any issues that might come up during their evaluation. The GDK installer weighs in at a little over 10MB as a self-extracting executable.

We'll keep you guys on posted on what's going on with the GDK now that's it's in a near-final state for release.

Other details


news Map CTF_FaceOff 3 released
posted by severe! (1601 hours)

I have got news from Deslizer that Sir Moc has released ctf_faceoff3.

Download map (3.8MB) from: mirror mirror

Other details

Aug 19 2003  

news Elite Force 2 GDK released!
posted by severe! (0953 hours)

Ritual has released the Game Development Kit (GDK) for Elite Force 2, allowing modders/mappers/skinners etc to make their own EF2 modifications.

The GDK is said to include:

  • UberRadiant (map editor)

  • 3D Studio MAX plug-ins

  • Example map and model files

  • Extensive documentation

  • and more tools...

Download it from:
3D Gamers

Other details



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