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Elite Force PS2 review

Nov 02 2003  

news Thunderbird Bots preview
posted by severe! (0335 hours)

Laz Rojas has news about his new thunderbird:

I've just released a preview pak of my Thunderbirds Collection, which includes characters from Gerry Anderson's supermarionation show "Thunderbirds". Three bots are included in this preview pak: Scott Tracy, Virgil Tracy, and Lady Penelope.

Get it here

Other details

Nov 06 2003  

news Haz-UFO bot collection
posted by severe! (1245 hours)

Laz has sent news on another new work of his:

I've just released a new bot pak, the Haz-UFO Collection. It includes Alexandria, Telsia, and Jurot in SHADO Moonbase uniforms from Gerry Anderson's "UFO" tv show.

Get it here

Other details

Nov 18 2003  

news Elite Force League is Back
posted by severe! (0316 hours)

I have recieved news that Elite Force League is back and accepting sign ups. They'll be running leagues, ladders and tournaments for both EF and EF2.

Visit Elite Force League

The full press release is in the article.

Full story



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