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Elite Force PS2 review

Nov 06 2002  

news EF master server changes
posted by severe! (1328 hours)

As brought to my attention by a reader and exprerienced first hand myself, the EF master server (for listing multiplayer servers) had been down for a couple of days in the last week. A quick look around came up with this in Kenn Hoekstra's .plan

October 18th, 2002 - Just a heads up to all of the Elite
Force players out there. We're migrating the Elite Force
Master Server to Activision and we'll be submitting the
DNS changes on Monday. Over the course of the next week,
we'll be running the two master servers concurrently and
if everything propogates correctly, we'll shut down the
existing server and leave the new one up permanently.

If you experience any troubles playing Elite Force over
the next week (starting Monday), please e-mail us at and report the error. Thanks in
advance for your patience and assistance.

I tried the server today, and it works, so I doubt it will be long till it works for everyone!

Other details

Nov 10 2002  

news Laz's Bots for Elite Force
posted by severe! (0821 hours)

Laz Rojas has sent news of his new site containing a catalog of his Elite Force bots:

My name is Laz Rojas, and I used to be known in the EF community as Kirk1701. I ran a website called Elite Farce which featured my Elite Force comic strips and distributed hundreds of bots and skins I made for the game. A few months ago, after a disagreement with my host, Holodeck 5, I retired from skinning and took my site down. I have recently come out of retirement, however, improved all of my bots and made some new ones, and am trying to set up a new site to distribute these bots. I'm also planning to distribute them on cd-rom. I haven't yet gotten the server space I need for the bots, but I've set up a website to get things going. The URL is:

Just a side note, I really enjoyed reading the Elite Farce Comics. They were very funny and entertaining. It's good to see Laz coming back to the community making more bots!

Other details

Nov 20 2002  

news 4 new screenshots
posted by severe! (1103 hours)

At just about everywhere, 4 new screenshots of EF2 has been posted. One of them shows the bat'leth (klingon hand to hand weapon) being used. Here are the screenshots from bluesnews:

hopefully, we'll get the screenies sent to us directly from Activision next time :)

Other details

Nov 23 2002  

news Elite Force Single Player source code released!
posted by severe! (0756 hours)

Probably the last and major obstacle for Elite Force mod development was the inability to edit some single player elements (like weapons). It has restricted mod developers to the subset of commands ICARUS provided.

Now that the single player source code is released, it means that mod developers can add new weapons, new menus and other deviations to single player. For Holomatch, it will mean that co-operative modes can be made easier than before by using the SP code as a reference.

Hopefully in the future, we will be able to play all our favourite single player elite force games in holomatch :)

anyway, enough talk,
here is the file:

Full story

Nov 28 2002  

news New interview with EF2 technical art director
posted by severe! (1358 hours)

Holodeck 5 has posted a new interview with Kenny Thompson, technical art director of Star Trek Elite Force II.

We’ve been able to take the game beyond the realm of Starships and Space Stations and on to a variety of different planets. The game takes place in a variety of settings including Starfleet Academy, the interior of a Borg sphere, an alien colony, desert ruins, snowy enemy base, overgrown swamp, and a hostile volcanic environment. Along with this you’ll also be onboard the Enterprise interacting with the crew and traveling to other Starfleet vessels, an alien space station, and a mercenary starbase.

Read the interview

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