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Elite Force PS2 review

Nov 02 2005  

news NX-01 and TOS Mirror Universe skin paks released for EF1
posted by severe! (0015 hours)

From FishDS9 comes news of skin paks:

Ever wonder what it would be like to be in a Mirror Universe? Would you and all you know still be the same? Or would things be really, really different?

As a part of our Halloween celebrations, Space Station K7 is proud to announce the release of The NX-01 Mirror Universe pak for Elite Force 1. Included in this pak are Mirror Universe versions of Commander Jonathan Archer and his personal guard, Travis Mayweather. Both are outfitted in TOS era uniforms from the USS Defiant and come with authentic wavs and chat lines.

Download them now from the Historical Database on SpaceStation K7.

We are also happy to announce the re-release of the updated TOS Mirror, Mirror pak, version 1.4. This skin pak has had a major overhaul and includes Mirror Universe versions of Ensign Chekov, Lt. Uhura, Lt. Sulu, Cmdr. Scott, Doctor McCoy and Mr. Spock. New body models, textures, icons and newer heads have been added for some of the models. The pak is also smaller than the previous version because of newer plugins available that didn't exist at the time of the 1.3 release. Mirror Universe Team flags are now also included along with some new sounds.

Have a transporter mishap now in Transporter Room 2 at SpaceStation K7.

Click the google ads to support the site or prepare for a long stay in the agony booth.

Long Live The Empire!

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Nov 06 2005  

news Starbase 11 Mod Update
posted by severe! (0348 hours)

Kirk1701 from Elite Farce sends an update on Starbase 11:

Hi, this is Kirk1701 from the Elite Farce site. My Starbase 11 mod, a single-player mod for Elite Force 1 based on the original Star Trek series, has been over a year in the making and will be released in January, 2006. It includes 18 maps you can tour, 14 combat missions, and even some music videos. As the mod nears completion, I've updated the site with information and new screenshots of all the maps and sections.

Visit Starbase 11

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Nov 23 2005  

news TOS Crew skin pak released by SpaceStation K7
posted by severe! (0914 hours)

News from SpaceStation K7:

They explored strange new worlds, sought out new civilizations. They boldly went where no man had gone before. SpaceStation K7 is proud to announce the release of the TOS Crew skin pak for Elite Force.

For the first time, Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy, Scotty, Lt. Uhura, Mr. Sulu and Mr. Chekov are all compiled into one pak. New plugins have made file size easier to keep down. This new version of the pak contains many new textures and models, including new body models for all the bots and additional sounds for all characters. New icons and new heads are featured and Uhura is much closer to Ms. Nichols' original dimensions.

All skins feature original series wavs and chatlines and flags for team holomatch. The TOS Uniform pak v1.8 or higher is needed for this skin pak to work properly in game.

Head over to Transporter Room 1 and beam down the TOS Crew pak today.

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