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Elite Force PS2 review

Jan 01 2003  

news Totally Elite Force - A New Year; A New URL
posted by severe! (0757 hours)

Totally Elite Force now has a new URL. Instead of it is now Please update your bookmarks! Similarily my email would be changed from dot com to dot net.

The .com address will only last for a few more days (due to problems with my registrar). So please start using this new address!

I've also fixed a problem with the polls. So if you voted before - please vote again.

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Other details


news New bot collection
posted by severe! (0802 hours)

Laz has a new years present for us:

I just released a new bot collection. It's called the Faces Collection, and it includes the fully human and fully Klingon versions of Torres from the Voyager episode "Faces". It can be downloaded here:

Happy New Year!

Laz Rojas

Other details

Jan 03 2003  

news Insurrection Alpha Preview
posted by severe! (0427 hours)

TDP has released a preview of Insurrection Alpha, a mod based on the voyager episode "Worst Case Scenario".

It's 22MBs, I'm downloading it now and I recommend everyone to have a look at it!

Download it from EFFiles

Other details


news (New) Elite Force 2 interview
posted by severe! (0504 hours) has a new EF2 interview, it's mainly just a recap of things we already know.

Read the interview

Other details

Jan 05 2003  

news Team Elite 1.4 released
posted by severe! (0641 hours)

neural-link has sent news that Team Elite 1.4 has been released. Team Elite is an extended version of specialties mode that includes 13 balanced classes, 5 new weapons and more...

Get it from the SYNAPSE

Full story

Jan 11 2003  

news EF2 animation clips
posted by severe! (1030 hours)

Ritualistic has obtained 3 AVI animation clips of Munro weilding a bat'leth and an exomorph taunt and twitch.

You can get them from EFFiles or FileShack

Other details

Jan 17 2003  

news Elite Force 2 Release date round-up
posted by severe! (0803 hours)

A few days ago, according to Ritualistic, Elite Force 2 was reported to have passed the alpha milestone, meaning that 99% of the game is completed. Also, a few weeks ago, it was reported that EF2 release would be postponed but that claim has now been refuted by Activision.

So what would be the release date? Let's look around the internet at major retailers and publishers for answers.

All dates are 2003 (well duh!)

So who's right? You be the judge ;)

Other details

Jan 19 2003  

news New bot: Mirror M'Ress
posted by severe! (0128 hours)

Laz has released a new bot. It's a mirror universe version of M'Ress from the Animated Series.

Get it here

Other details

Jan 21 2003  

news New Bots: TNG Skants Collection
posted by severe! (1500 hours)

Laz has released another bot pak. It includes Crusher, Troi, Yar, and Ro wearing skants.

Download it here

Other details

Jan 24 2003  

news New Elite Force 2 screenshots
posted by severe! (1340 hours)

New screenshots of EFII are available from all over...

Shots from Blue's News

The graphics look pretty impressive...

Other details

Jan 29 2003  

news New interview
posted by severe! (1407 hours)

There is a new interview from Ritualistic with EF2 character artist Brian "BoBo the seal" Jones. The interview talks about his work in general and heads off to more techinical stuff about moddeling in EF2

An interesting read

Other details



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