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Elite Force PS2 review

Mar 29 2005  

news New EF Map: Mariana
posted by severe! (0241 hours)

Gigon has released a new map - The Cathedral of Mariana.

Screenshots and download here

Other details

Mar 31 2005  

news "The Argas Effect" Act 1 Release News
posted by severe! (1053 hours)

FishDS9 has sent news about the Argas Effect Mod:

"Captain's Log, Stardate 6097.2, The Enterprise is on a diplomatic mission to Argas V. The Federation has sent an ambassador there to assist in their membership application to join the UFP. While in orbit something or someone has attacked and killed my crew. I am the only survivor on board the Enterprise. Who or what has done this? Why was I spared? And what awaits me on the planet surface?"

SpaceStation K7 is proud to announce the release of Act 1 of the single player modification for Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force entitled The Argas Effect. This is the first act of 3 in this modification for EF1 and is the first single player mod and first person shooter dedicated entirely to The Original Series. Explore the Enterprise and see familiar faces from the series.

Experience what it feels like to be Captain Kirk alone against an unknown danger. Make a difference....Solve the mystery. 4-1-05


Other details



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