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Elite Force PS2 review

Jun 01 2003  

news GameSpot Hands-On Preview
posted by severe! (0523 hours)

GameSpot has posted up a 2 page Hands-On Preview of Star Trek Elite Force 2. It also includes some new screenshots.

As often as the Enterprise gets into major galactic adventures, the crew can't always be on duty. One of the most unusual elements of Elite Force II is that you can freely wander around parts of the Enterprise-E between missions. As soon as Munro beams aboard the ship and gets a quick orientation from Picard and Tuvok, you'll be free to explore two separate decks.

Read the preview

Other details

Jun 04 2003  

news IGN EF2 Character Profiles
posted by severe! (1400 hours)

For some bizarre reason, IGN and Activision is putting up character profiles of the "Babes of Elite Force II". It is complete with the big profile images and the character's likes, dislikes, turn-ons and offs. Each day, a new character will be posted. This will certainly make some people salivate :p

Day 1 - Kleenya
Day 2 - Juliet Jurot

Other details

Jun 06 2003  

news DS9 BoP Mapping Contest
posted by severe! (0727 hours)

I've recieved news from FishDS9 that Deep Space Nine Balance of Power Mod Team is holding a mapping contest. The winner will get to join the mod team! You have to make a SP mission involving a location accessed with a runabout. The winning entry will be included in the MOD.

More Details here

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Jun 13 2003  

news New Elite Force 2 media
posted by severe! (0600 hours)

There are lots of new media from the past weeks. Here's a roundup:

Official site has posted up the Intro movie and a new multiplayer gameplay trailer.

IGN has 11 clips of Elite Force 2 available in Windows Media Format.

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news Elite Force 2 gone gold
posted by severe! (0955 hours)

Elite Force 2 has gone gold - meaning that the game is totally finished, and is the master CD has been sent to the manufacturers for mass producing.

Elite Force is to be released in 24th of June.

Full story

Jun 16 2003  

news New Kira bots
posted by severe! (1232 hours)

Laz has made two new Kira (from DS9) bots. One of Major Kira and the other of her mirror Intendant counterpart.

Get it here

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Jun 21 2003  

news Ritual Entertainment Layoffs
posted by severe! (0255 hours)

As you might already know, Ritual Entertainment (makers of EF2) has been forced to layoff some of their best employees due to financial pressure.
Quotes from Ritualistic

Ritual's Tom "ParadoX" Mustaine confirmed the layoffs:
As most people know, Ritual Entertainment recently finished Star Trek Elite Force II, a game we are all tremendously proud to have developed. We had three very engaging projects lined up for the team, but unfortunately, none of them came to actual fruition. We found ourselves unable to maintain multiple AAA teams and were forced to release some of the most gifted game developers back into the industry's talent pool.

Also, from Levelord

One thing needs to be made clear, was NOT the EF2 Team that was let go. It was a group selected under the most horrible and arduous conditions.

Forum post by Benson Russell (Former Ritual Employee)
List of layed off Employees

We hope they find new jobs!

Other details


news Elite Force 2 in stores in Europe & Reviews & Interviews
posted by severe! (0329 hours)

Yep, Elite Force 2 is now in stores in Europe, beating the US by 4 days! Reviews and Interviews are flooding in...

Here are some interviews:
Voodoo Extreme Interview with Creative Director, Jon Galloway
PC Action (German) Interview with Level Designer, Benson Russel Interview with Creative Director, Jon Galloway
Gamers Depot Interview with Activision Producer Dan Hagerty has posted up review, giving the game a score of 92% -

Who thinks that the game, driven by the well-known Quake 3 Team Arena engine, looks like crap due to the virtually obsolete engine is terribly wrong. Ritual tuned the father of all modern engines not just slightly. The so called UEBER tools give you large-scaled outdoor areas, more polygons for the characters and nicer special effects. And this is not just marketing stuff from the publisher: You can blow up entire buildings and watch the creepy aliens splatter all around the floor. Even bettern than the graphics is the gameplay - simply Star Trek at its best. A intelligent story, great dialogs, clever enemies and two women to fall in love with - this game is a must.

German Review
Lots of screenshots! (spoliers)

Other details


news New SpaceStation K7 Map Section
posted by severe! (0402 hours)

FishDS9 has sent the following news:

SpaceStation K7 webmaster HorckDude has just debuted a new area of K7 called the Map Section! To access this area head over to and take the turbolift to the bridge. We currently have a selection of 5 TOS based maps to download and will soon be adding Synchromesh's Enterprise III masterpiece to our selections upon its release.

So beam on over to K7 and check it out along with previews of Toonloon's latest skin creations, news and info on the much anticipated TOS Season 4 Mod - The Argas Effect and info on the Enterprise III map by Synchromesh.

Screenshot Mondays at K7 have been put on hold because if we post anymore pics we won't have anything left to astonish you with when we release the first part of the mod. However, we will still keep you up to date with news and release info on the mod.

Other details

Jun 30 2003  

news Elite Force 2 servers
posted by severe! (1257 hours)

Here are some updates regarding servers in Elite Force 2:

A patch (1.01b) has been released to address the issue of needing the EF2 CD to run a dedicated server.

The linux dedciated server of EF2 is being worked on.

Also, we have recieved word from CombatGamingServers:

CombatGamingServers needs you! We're stress testing the newest StarTrek: Elite Force 2 servers, and we need your help. Stop by our servers, and give them a good pounding, we need to see how they'll hold up. The more people you bring, the better we can test! We want to be 100% sure of these servers before we start offering them to the public for sale, so right now you can come get your frag on for free! Be sure to bring your aspirin and vivarin, 'cause we're sure you'll give out before our servers do!

Test Server 1 TeamHolomatch
Test Server 2 CaptureTheFlag
Test Server 3 BombingRun

While you're at the site, be sure to sign up for our Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Tournament to be held July 26th!

Refer to this post in the Ritualistic forums

Other details


news Elite Force 2 Mac status
posted by severe! (1330 hours)

The mac port of Elite Force 2 has reached beta status as seen here and is slated for a August 2003 release.

A product page has also been put up

Other details



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