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Elite Force PS2 review

Mar 01 2003  

news New EF2 previews!
posted by severe! (0830 hours)

Gamespot has put up a long preview of EF2, containing lots of new information

I can't say for sure whether or not Mac users will get the Uber editing tools promised, but I do know that the full suite of professional grade level creators and various modification software will be made available to the public shortly after the release of the boxed game. Originally Ritual and Activision considered packing the whole thing into the box, but now that the title is barely containable on two CDs, that isn't an option.

Before you start developing your own maps and games, you'll probably want to play what's their. Substantially longer than the original (both Marc and Glenn were hesitant to give our hour counts), EF 2's 11 environments will take players to mysteriously damaged Federation vessels under siege, snowy Romulan bases, atypical Klingon warehouses (how can they store blood wine when they drink so much?), desert canyons, the hull of a vessel (First Contact style), and more. That's some variety, Marc.

Read the preview

Also some new mac previews (not much new info):
Inside Mac Games

Our Elite Force 2 features page and FAQ is also updated in light of new information.

Other details

Mar 04 2003  

news Gamesome Mac talks about Elite Force 2
posted by severe! (1252 hours)

The Gamesome Mac Radio talked with Benson Russell, lead level designer of Elite Force II last night on its broadcast.

You can find the archive of the broadcast at the Gamesome Mac's web page

Read more for the full press release.

Full story

Mar 10 2003  

news Elite Force Box Art
posted by severe! (0649 hours)

BestBuy has listed EF2 for order with a thumbnail of the Elite Force II Box art.

Looks pretty good to me ;)

Other details

Mar 11 2003  

news TOS Season 4 SP Mod promo Released!
posted by severe! (0543 hours)

SpaceStation K7 has released a trailer (1.3MB) of their upcoming mod "TOS Season 4".

Visit the download page

Read more for the full blurb

Full story

Mar 15 2003  

news EF2 in other languages
posted by severe! (0716 hours)

According to Activision Producer "PingEnvy" at the Ritualistic Forums:

There will be a German translated version with the German actor equivelents as before. There is currently no French version of the game. The market wasn't large enough to support a full translation for that territory.

It is also noted that you cannot switch languages as there are barely enough space to fit Elite Force II into 2 CDs.

Other details


news New EF2 Wallpapers
posted by severe! (0717 hours)

There are 3 new Official EF2 Wallpapers over at Ritualistic featuring the women of the Hazard Team.

View the Wallpapers

Other details


news Larger EF2 box art!
posted by severe! (0741 hours)

A larger Elite Force 2 Box picture is available here, courtesy of Amazon

Click the thumbnail to see...

On another note, Amazon still haven't fixed up the title (hint: Voyager)!

Other details

Mar 23 2003  

news Colony7 Chapter 3 release soon!
posted by severe! (0050 hours)

I've received word from Argyle that Colony 7 Chapter 3 is to be released in the next few days.

Time to fire up my EF again ;)

Other details

Mar 28 2003  

news New EF2 previews and screenshots
posted by severe! (0910 hours)

These few days are filled with new Elite Force 2 previews:
Gamers Hell EF2 screenshots - contains 3 new screenshots

Gamespot EF2 Preview

Even though plenty of Star Trek episodes have featured Wild West-style shootouts, gung-ho action probably isn't what comes to mind when you think of the long-running sci-fi series. But Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force managed to justify setting a first-person shooter in the Star Trek universe, and it featured enough story to vary the game's pacing. The upcoming sequel, Star Trek Elite Force II, has come along way since we saw it last fall, and it's looking like Activision's plan to make the sequel bigger and more varied is likely to pay off. The game's release is only a couple of months away now, and it's set to hit beta in just two weeks' time.

IGN EF2 Preview

Each enemy boss follows classic gaming formulas and has patterns and weaknesses that can be deciphered with a bit of play and brain use. Of course, if you've ever played any game before in your entire life (something like Contra), you'll know that these patterns can change once you deplete enough of the boss's energy by blowing chunks off of the Borg and seeing his "probes" flap in the wind, or by blasting another surly enemy out of his unnecessarily dangerous weapon and witnessing him plummet to the floor.

Other details


news Colony7 Chapter 3 released!
posted by severe! (1010 hours)

The long-awaited Colony 7 chapter 3 has been released! The download is 40 MB.

Get it at

Other details



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