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Elite Force PS2 review

May 01 2003  

news Elite Force 2 TV Preview
posted by severe! (1513 hours)

A german TV show has got hold of a beta of EF2. In the 30 minute show, there are in game footage from EF2.

Here is the video stream. You will need Windows Media Player to play the stream. has posted up some screen caps.

Related forum thread

Other details

May 02 2003  

news Elite Force II Demo Released!
posted by severe! (1915 hours)

Yes, no kidding. The Elite Force 2 demo (PC) has been released!

This 118MB download contains a small portion of gameplay from two of the missions in Star Trek Elite Force II. Within the demo, you will fight against several Exomorph creatures, which represent a small sampling of the wide variety of monsters and different humanoids you will encounter in the full version of the game.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This demo is based on pre-release code, and does not reflect the expected final quality level of the full, released version of Star Trek Elite Force II. Any bugs encountered will likely be resolved; weapon balance, level design, scripted sequences and monsters encountered all may change in the final version.

Customer support is not available for the Star Trek(tm) Elite Force II Demo. Please do not contact Activision Customer Support for assistance with this pre-release demo.

Download from one of these mirrors:
Official EF2 Site
3D Gamers
3D Downloads

Something to keep us busy for the weekend :)

Other details

May 03 2003  

news Andorian bot collections
posted by severe! (1353 hours)

Laz has sent news of his new Andorian bot collections:


I'm currently working on two Andorian bot collections for release at my Elite Farce site. One is a collection of Andorian Starfleet officers in FC uniforms, while the other is a collection of TOS era Andorians. Here are two images of some of the TOS era Andorians.


Other details

May 04 2003  

news EF2 demo impression
posted by severe! (1330 hours)

After playing the pre-release demo, I was quite impressed. Although my graphics hardware (PIII 500, geforce2mx) were below the recommended, the game still ran relatively smoothly, bar the areas with lots of monsters.

While the game was not especially easy, it was not hard either. The demo-limited gameplay and story was straightforward, and the only thing that might be hindering you from proceeding are the monsters (exomorphs).

EF2 still features the fast-paced gameplay in EF1. I certainly needed to brush up my FPS skills again. After many tries, I finally killed the many melee exomorphs in the first area. The quick saving and loading feature comes in handy.

Among the improvements over EF1 is the Tricorder. You now have a map on the HUD, courtesy of the Tricorder, similar to "DS9: The Fallen". There also new view modes including nightvision, structural integrity view and trace gas view.

All in all, the game is coming along just great. Minor improvements to the AI's strategies and path finding would be nice for the final version.

Here are other impressions:
Stylsy from Elite Force Universe
Lithium from Ritualistic
badman from Ritualistic

Other details

May 05 2003  

news Demo secrets and walkthrough guides
posted by severe! (1715 hours)

I've written up a walkthrough and secrets guide for the EF2 demo.

Walk through

Secrets guide

Check them out if you're stuck at some point (which I doubt), or if you think you've explored everything!

Also updated is the EF2 cheats section. Though, I recommend finishing the demo without them first!

Other details

May 06 2003  

news Jon Galloway Plan Update on EF2
posted by severe! (1654 hours)

Jon Galloway has posted up .plan update at Ritualistic responding to feedback and providing a status update on the development. A good read for everyone, especially those who played the EF2 pre-release demo!

Read the .plan

Other details

May 09 2003  

news Orion bots from Laz
posted by severe! (1419 hours)

Laz has sent news about his new works:

In addition to my Andorian paks, I'm also working on a pak of Orion dancing girls. There will be two versions of the pak -- a regular version, and a topless version. Here are pics of the bots in the regular version.

Visit Laz's Elite Farce site

Other details

May 15 2003  

news EF2 News Roundup
posted by severe! (1041 hours)

A new video of EF2 is available. It shows gameplay on the hull of the Enterprise-E and demonstrates use of the sniper rifle!
Download (16mb)

As E3 starts, there are lots of new media available around the net.

Gamespot has new screenshots and also posted up a preshow report!

IGN has the E3 trailer for EF2. They are available in hi-res (36MB) low-res(14MB). Inside shows a bunch of defferent gameplay sequences. Get it from IGN or mirror

Other details

May 20 2003  

news More EF2 Media
posted by severe! (1137 hours)

IGN has more Elite Force 2 gameplay media for download!
Click here

Also available for download is the GameSpy LiveWire Interview with EF2 lead designer, Chris Stockman
Get it from FilePlanet

The German version of Elite Force 2 Demo was also released! Get it from:
Hazard-Team HQ

Ritualistic has a nice collection of photos of the Activision booth at E3 - Click here

There are also a few new screenshots at the official site -

Other details

May 23 2003  

news Duke Nukem Bot collections available
posted by severe! (1639 hours)

Laz has sent news that his Duke Nukem Collection and Duke Babes Collection are now available for download.

Duke Nukem Collection

Duke Babes Collection

Other details

May 24 2003  

news EF2 Voice Actor listings
posted by severe! (1035 hours)

Ritualistic has posted up a list of all Voice actors to be heard in EF2. The list includes actors and their respect roles in EF2, as well as past roles in Star Trek and other productions.

Some will be reprising their roles from star trek series (Patrick Steward, Tim Russ, Dwight Schultz) while others will take on new characters (J.G. Hertzler, Tony Todd, Martha Hackett and more). Judging from the list, you will certainly hear many familiar voices!

See the full list

Other details

May 27 2003  

news New TOS Mirror, Mirror skin pack
posted by severe! (0736 hours)

FishDS9 of SpaceStation K7 has sent news

I want to let you know that Toonloon has released a new skin pak based on the TOS episode Mirror, Mirror. This is an updated pak featuring a first season Scotty skin and an improved Sulu skin.

People can download here

Other details


news Gamespy EF2 Preview
posted by severe! (0901 hours)

GameSpy has posted up an EFII preview. It is a good summary of how EF2 is coming along. Here's a snippet:

Along with the basic deathmatch, team deathmatch and CTF, Ritual is also including the "Specialties" mode from the Elite Force Expansion Pack (which still gets our award for best title EVER), which bears some similarities to games like Team Fortress -- players get to choose from a number of classes and battle it out. Also planned are modes for elimination and one flag CTF, as well as a new mode called "Bomb Defusal" (which we think could be a lot like Counter-Strike in space; after all, Ritual is also developing Counter-Strike: Condition Zero).

Read the preview

Other details

May 28 2003  

news EF2 multiplayer interview
posted by severe! (1950 hours)

Ritualistic has posted up Part 2 of its Multiplayer Interview. Here's a snippet:

What gameplay modifiers will be available in multiplayer?

The modifiers for the different modes are: Disintegration, Action Hero, Auto-Handicap, Weapon Score, Control Points, Power Struggle, One Flag, Elimination, and finally Specialties. Not all Modifiers can be used with each mode or with each other.

MP Interview Part 1
MP Interview Part 2

Other details



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