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Elite Force PS2 review

Jul 02 2003  

news Activision sues Viacom
posted by severe! (1338 hours)

Activision is suing Viacom (owners of Paramount, hence Star Trek) for not promoting Star Trek the way it did, back in 1998. It is also terminating its exclusive 10 year license to make Star Trek games.

This probably means that Activision will not be making any new Star Trek games and Elite Force 2 will one of the last trek games for a while.

Sad news for Trek gaming indeed.
Let's hope Paramount will find another publisher and make Elite Force 3!

More information from TrekToday and Activision's Press Release

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Jul 04 2003  

news Elite Force 2 Reviews
posted by severe! (1615 hours)

There are a lot of EF2 reviews around the net. If you like reading reviews or want a second opinion before you buy, read on. The reviews are generally positive and give good marks to EF2.

GameSpot 7.9 out of 10
GamesDomain 4 out of 5
Wicked Toast 3.2 out of 5
TeleFragged 86%
HomeLanFed 84%
IGN 8.4 out of 10
GameSpy 82%

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Jul 09 2003  

news EFU EF2 Posters Competition
posted by severe! (1648 hours)

I've recieved word from Stylsy of EFU regarding an exciting new screenshot competition!

Over at Elite Force Universe, we are giving away two Elite Force II posters, courtesy of Activision in a "screenshot and caption" competition.

In order to gain a chance of winning the posters, fans must submit a great original screenshot from Elite Force II with an accompanying caption that fits the screenshot well.

For full details on the competition, visit -

Better start screen-capping!

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Jul 17 2003  

news Elite Force Universe reviews EF2
posted by severe! (0458 hours)

Stylsy of EFU has reviewed Elite Force 2:

One of the great things about the game is that it seems to cater well for most gaming systems out there today. On my low end PIII 670mhz, 32mb TNT2 graphics and 256mb RAM, I managed to pull off medium performance from the game, yet it still looked and felt impressive. Even so, an investment in the game is well worth it for those will impressive high end systems as the game has features to turn on which those of us still living several years ago can only dream about what they are like.

No score was given, but the review had lots of praises for the game.

Read the full review

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