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Elite Force PS2 review

Dec 01 2002  

news Elite Force 2 in Alpha testing phase
posted by severe! (0520 hours)

Activision producer Doug Pearson has posted an update at Ritualistic forums.

Actually I can report that the game is in Alpha testing now. After Alpha we will be doing internal beta testing on the project, but we also use an external testing group called the Visioneers that test all of our products. There will be extensive testing of the product at Ritual, Activision, and also with the Visioneer testing group. That's several hundred testers all together.
One last note.

At this time we have no plans for a public test for Elite Force II. That's about it for now.

Original post

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Dec 04 2002  

news New Elite Force II Interview and screenshots
posted by severe! (1220 hours)

Along with four new screenshots, The Adrenaline Vault has posted up an new EF2 interview.

What other tools and gadgets will players get to use?

The player will have access to the Tricorder, which will be used extensively throughout the game. There are several modes for the tricorder including scanning, radar, trace-gas emission, structural integrity scan, trip-wire detection, cloak detection and even a mode later in the game that allows the player to call in torpedo strikes from orbit. One of the additional Hazard Suit improvements is an update to your visual display device to provide a night-vision overlay when navigating dark areas of the game.

Read the interview

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Dec 05 2002  

news New EF Runner
posted by severe! (0534 hours)

Aphextwin has sent word that he is rewriting EF Runner to bring it in line with other Game Runners.

For those of you who don't know, EF Runner is a program that simplifies the process of running server by allowing you to configure settings using a graphical interface.

Here are some preliminary screenshots:

He needs some server admins to test the product. If you are interested, please contact him at

Other details


news New Elite Farce site soon...
posted by severe! (0559 hours)

Laz Rojas has sent word that he will have his new site hosted at PlanetQuake and will contain everything (including comics!) that the original Elite Farce site had.
The new site will be opened on December 6th, which is when the URL will be announced.

Meanwhile, indulge yourselves with his new bot collections.

Other details

Dec 06 2002  

news Elite Farce Re-opened!
posted by severe! (1216 hours)

As promised, The new Elite Farce site has launched, containing all of Laz's EF bots and comics!

The new URL is:

I highly recommend you visit the site - especially the comics. They are a great read :)

Edit - URL now corrected

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Dec 14 2002  

news New interview with PingEnvy
posted by severe! (1433 hours)

Ritualistic has put together a brand new interview with Activision producer Doug "PingEnvy" Pearson

Are there any plans to port Elite Force II to the Macintosh or console platforms?

We are definitely considering bringing Elite Force II to other platforms. As soon as we know more we’ll talk about it online.

Read the full interview

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Dec 15 2002  

news The Prophet's New DS9 Skins now available
posted by severe! (1053 hours)

FishDS9 has sent news:

This is to let you know that The Prophet has issued a pre-release pak of his newest Sisko skin in FC and Voy uniforms as well as the much anticipated Worf skin in FC and Voy uniforms. You can download the preview pak now at:

You can see some screenshots at the K7 forum

Other details


news Star Trek Nemesis opening in the US
posted by severe! (1053 hours)

For those of you who are living in the US, Star Trek Nemesis opened yesterday. Judging from reviews all around, the movie is not bad.

Elite Force 2 is said to have links with Star Trek Nemesis, so if you're an avid Elite Force fan (which I hope you all are) you're recommended to see it!

Too bad for us Aussies, we have to wait till January 16th. Still a month away... oh well

Other details

Dec 23 2002  

news Tony Todd voicing in Elite Force II
posted by severe! (0104 hours)

Over at the Ritualistic Forums, Chris Stockman (EF2 game designer) gave some more info on the voicing cast:

Tony Todd is the voice of Korban (our Klingon Hazard Team member). If you remember Tony was Worf's brother Kurn (sp?) in TNG. He has also been in a number of shows including Boston Public and CSI.

Tony was absolutely fantastic to work with and I look forward to hearing his lines in the actual game.

The remaining cast members will be announced in due time so stay tuned.


You can read the Original Post

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news Updated site and new poll
posted by severe! (1245 hours)

It's 10 days since the opening of Star Trek Nemesis. If you haven't seen, see it now! Those of you who have, vote on the new poll.

As for the previous poll, Capture the flag and Warp Core breach were the more favourable modes.

I've also updated some site graphics and the top banner to reflect the Christmas spirit :)

Other details

Dec 24 2002  

news Merry Christmas!
posted by severe! (1543 hours)

the totallyef staff would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday!


Other details

Dec 26 2002  

news Duke Nukem bot released
posted by severe! (0340 hours)

Laz has released a Duke Nukem bot at his Elite Farce site.

Get the bot

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