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Elite Force PS2 review

Mission 7: Attrexian colony Secret Areas

Level 1

8 secret rooms

  1. At the very start, after crossing the bridge and arriving at the jammed door, use the ladder on the right to go down. then go under the huge pipes and behind a bridge pylon.
  2. Inside the complex, after you involuntarily volunteered to scout ahead, you have to go through the vent. After killing the monster inside, you may see a cracked vent floor (if not, use your tricorder to scan and break it). Go through the cracked vent floor.
  3. After killing the monsters and crossing the bridge, go left and up the stairs. Kill more monsters and turn left again. You should see several diagonal pipes (pic below). Walk up those pipes and then turn to face the river. Try to jump over the wall onto ledges beside the river. Move left and down and you should see a door.
  4. At the place where you are meant to activate the panel to open the door for hazard team members

    The marked X is the secret location. Use skill to get there ;)
  5. After failing to activate the control panel, Jurot will say something, proceed along and you'll get to an area where there is a Attrexian lying beside the wall. You will meet some monsters. Eliminate them. Then you should see some creates on the right (right circle of pic below), don't shoot the crates, but through their cracks, as there is a canister hiding behind them.
  6. In the same area, there's a dumpster in the left corner (the left circle in the pic above). Go into it.
  7. After you successful open the door and meet the other hazard team members, go back down the stairs to the bridge. Short of turning left to the bridge, go straight down and left to another door. It was lock before, now it should be unlocked.
  8. When the Attrexian woman is leading you to the sewers, after the area in the pic above, you go into a corridor, then face left and there should be a keypad door, solve it.

2 secret items

  1. This is in the 3rd room (see above)
  2. This is in the 4th room (see above)

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