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Elite Force PS2 review

NEV MOD version 1.2.1

November 27th, 2002

The NEV MOD is now compatible with Holomatch 1.2 and the Elite Force Expansion pack.

Download it here

What is this mod?

A Holomatch mod that changes normal mines into proximity mines. There are also other small configurations you can make.


Extract the Zip file with all the NEV directory intact into your STVEF folder. Then run NEV.exe and you're set! Alternatively, you can activate the mod via the mod selection menu in holomatch. Please DO NOT install any files into the baseEF directory.

Quick Start

Open the console (~) and type
\nev_proximitymines 1
\nev_grenades_num 3
\map anymapname
Proximity mines will be enabled and the laucher will shoot 3 grenades/mines at a time!


Note that this is a a server side mod, meaning you can only play with it if you are hosting the game or if you are playing on a server that has this MOD installed. There is no way you can play with it on a server that hasn't got this installed. For server admins: People who connect to your server doesn't have to have this mod installed, you only need this for your server.

To identify if a server has NEV enabled, look for nev_enabled in the serverinfo.

Console variables

Here are the CVARS you can use in the console (remember to put a slash before them).
Tip: press the '~' key to pull down the command console. Then type these variables in, during a game...

nev_enabled [0/1]
Set whether NEV MOD settings are enabled or not. If this is off (0), then the all the NEV settings will not function.
default: 1

Proximity mine variables

nev_grenades_num [number from 1 to 11]
This is the number of grenades it will fire at one time
default: 1

nev_proximitymines [0/1]
This will change normal mines to proximity mines when enabled.
Note that proximity mines will self destruct after 2 and a half minutes, regardless of whether an enemy is near it or not. This is so that mines put in hard to reach places will get destroyed eventually.
default: 1

nev_maxmines [number]
This is the maximum number of mines an individual player can put. This variable covers for tripwires (from the specialties mode in the EFXP) as well.
default: 10

Misc. variables

nev_self_damage [0/1]
When Disabled (0), this will turn off self damage.
default: 1

nev_forcefield_countdown [0/1]
When Disabled (0), this will turn off the force field countdown, making them last for ever until someone shoots it down.
default: 0

Variables for game modes

nev_tdm_overrideweaponrespawn [0/1]
By default, the Team Holomatch weapon respawn rates are fixed, you can't use the g_weaponrespawn CVAR to change the rate of respawn. With this variable enabled, you can now use g_weaponrespawn to change the weapon respawn rate of a team holomatch game.
default: 0

nev_asml_nokill [0/1]
This will disable the kill command when playing an assimilation game.
default: 0

nev_asml_misadventureassimilation [0/1]
When enabled, any Starfleet personnel that misadventures will be regarded as voluntarily submitting to  assimilation. In simpler words, if you misadventure, you get assimilated.
default: 0

Console commands

If the proximity mines are clogging up the server, this command will purge all the mines, freeing the server resources.

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